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Carattere Toscano is deeply rooted in our territory. Tuscany is one of the Italian regions where the relation between food, culture and tradition is stronger which is why food and wine are a stronghold in our philosophy. Our attention to quality is perfectly reflected in the choice of absolutely natural ingredients and products, like the olive oil and wine produced by the Borgo di Pietrafitta and offered to the guests of all our hotel facilities.


At B-Roof, panoramic restaurant of the Grand Hotel Baglioni, Chef Richard Leimer proposes a traditional but innovative cuisine, reinventing classical Tuscan dishes with their colors, flavors and seasonings thanks to high quality natural products coming from our territory.


At the same time, our menu at Resort Roccamare is based on a typically Mediterranean cuisine, distinguished by genuine ingredients strictly chosen according to the different seasons.


The Grand Hotel Bastiani in Grosseto, serving a wide selection of local cheese and salami at breakfast, is also an ideal starting point to discover the local food and wine on the road of Morellino di Scansano, on of the excellence in Tuscan red wine.


Finally, Borgo di Pietrafitta proposes tasting of its own olive oil and wine: the best way to experience the true taste of Tuscany and get in harmony with our Group.

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